Captain Bligh XO

Captain Bligh XO (know as Mutineers Gold XO in the US) is a distinctively-flavoured, aged golden rum. Distilled from a molasses wash in a two column still, the success of this blend is due in part to the unique aging conditions.

After distillation, the fresh rum is diluted to 87.5% alcohol by volume before it is allowed to mellow in once-used oak Kentucky bourbon barrels for up to ten years.

Generations of blend masters have carefully reproduced this distinctive elixir, which is sought after by true connoisseurs.

The rum receives its name from the unfortunately fated Captain William Bligh, who is best remembered for the historic mutiny during his command of HMS Bounty in 1789.

This rum is a consistent Gold Award winner in various Rum Fest Competitions including overall winner at the 2014 and 2017 World Rum Awards. In the 2018 World Rum Awards it won Gold.

At the awards the judges describe the spirit as “Mellow oak and vanilla aromas. Well structured nose, nice evidence of wood, which balances with the fruity notes really well. You can really taste the raw elemental nature of the rum in a really good way. Long, long soft dry finish.”

You too can taste and enjoy this regal vintage spirit, which is bottled at 40% Alc/Vol.